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Last Chance recovery and Copy All Data options

Last Chance recovery method is helpful when primary recovery methods (QuickScan and SuperScan) haven't detected your data. This recovery method allows to detect and to recover files by their specific signatures on severely damaged volumes. This video explains the how to search for specific files & re-organize found files in folders before recovery.

Copy All Data - is the safest way to get all your data backed up to a new safe place (storage). You keep your original damaged disk (all data on it remains untouched), and just copy all your valuable information to a dedicated attached HDD/SDD, external USB Disk or USB Flash Card. Option Recover Files & Folders only - copies all safe files and folders from the partition being recovered to a new target disk. Option Copy All Volume Data (sector by sector copy) - copies all occupied sectors on the volume as it is specified in file system's allocation bitmap. This video explains the differences between these options and when to use this recovery method.

Recovery of accidentally deleted partition

This is a brief tutorial on how to recover an accidentally deleted volume which is no longer visible in Windows.

Start by selecting the SuperScan option to scan the whole disk's surface to detect the selected file systems and click the scan button.

Inspect the contents of found partitions. Browse through the files and even preview files to confirm their integrity. If file preview displays valid data, most likely it is a recently deleted partition.

Select the best candidate for recovery and click Recover button.

Confirm Automatic Recovery Mode and inspect results in Windows Explorer - it now displays the contents and you can access the files.

Recovery of inaccessible device

This is a brief tutorial on how to recover a damaged USB disk which is no longer accessible in Windows.

When attempting to access the device, Windows asks you to format it. The volume may be inaccessible due to a virus or some logical corruption on the device.

Use the command Fix Boot Sector from the Tools menu for the selected partition to repair volume's damaged boot sectors.

You can replace a Primary Boot Sector with its Copy, or even repair all volume's boot sectors by replacing them with a standard values taken from a template (if both boot sectors have been severely damaged).