Receiving an error message while trying to save the partition information to the Hard Disk Drive


While saving the partition information I receive an error message saying "Error writing physical sector". Not able to save the partition information to the HDD.


  • Boot sector is write-protected. Some BIOS allow protecting Boot sector from write operations in order to prohibit viruses to damage it.

  • Run the software from Windows 95/98/ME "MS-DOS Prompt" console.

  • Hard Disk Drive is physically damaged ( i.e. has bad clusters ).


  • Check your BIOS settings. If you have setting like "Virus Warning", make sure that it's been "Disabled".

  • DO NOT try to run the software from under Windows Operating System! Boot your computer in "Command Prompt" mode (press [F8] when Windows boots) or boot from the floppy disk.

  • If your HDD is physically damaged, it's better to copy all important data from there and use another Hard Disk Drive or you are at risk of loosing your data.