Recovering the deleted partition


I accidentally deleted a partition containing important data, using a partition editor (such as Fdisk, Partition Magic). How can I recover my partition information?


Active@ Partition Recovery can restore any deleted partition or logical drive.

Here is how you will do it:

  1. Run Active@ Partition Recovery.

  2. Locate the HDD on the left pane that contains deleted partition.

  3. Position the cursor on "Unallocated" under HDD containing deleted partition and press [ENTER]. Scan Disk

  4. Active@ Partition will start to scan the disk. Detect partition

  5. If the deleted partition is found - it will be displayed and Active@ Partition will suggest to add it to the list of found partitions. Preview

  6. After adding the partition, files in the partition can be previewed. Just position the cursor on the partition and press the [ENTER] key. Save partition

  7. If you are satisfied with the information found you can save the partition table while exiting the program.