Active@ Partition Recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery

Restore Accidentally Deleted Partitions, Fix Damaged Volumes & Disks

Active@ Partition Recovery is a freeware toolkit that helps you to recover deleted and damaged logical drives and partitions within DOS, Windows or Windows PE (boot disk) environment. Simple QuickScan easily detects and recovers recently deleted partitions, as long as they were not formatted / overwritten to after deletion. Advanced low-level SuperScan may detect partitions which were deleted a long time ago, even if you have created new ones and even formatted them!

Active@ Partition Recovery toolkit includes the following main features:

  • Restores lost partitions & disks back to working state
  • QuickScan easily detects partitions being deleted but not re-formatted
  • SuperScan - low-level scan detects re-formatted & damaged partitions
  • Includes Active@ File Recovery - last chance file recovery tool
  • Backup & Restore disk partitioning info and ability to Rollback changes
  • Fixes damaged Partition Table, MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT
  • Creates a Disk Image - sector-by-sector data backup for data recovery
  • Restores all data from raw, compressed and VMWare Disk Images
  • Supports Windows 7 & 8, XP & Vista, 2003 & 2008 & 2012 Servers, WinPE
  • Recovers deleted FAT/exFAT/NTFS/HFS+/UFS/Ext2/Ext3/Ext4fs file systems
  • Recovers IDE, SATA, eSATA, SSD, SCSI, RAID, USB Flash Disks and Memory Cards
  • Recovers volumes lost due to accidental disk formatting, damage by virus attack, malicious program, or a power failure...
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  Freeware Toolkit, 24MB

New version 10 is now available!

New version 10 of Active@ Partition Recovery
released on Jan 15, 2014 with more features:

  • Added 64-bit exe to run faster on x64 platforms
  • Improved scanning and recovery algorithms
  • Extended volume properties displayed
  • Latest Active@ Disk Editor 4
  • Latest Active@ Boot Disk Lite 8 & Utils

New in version 9 (released July 5, 2013)

  • Added recovery of all volume data at once
  • New 'Copy All Data to a New Disk' function
  • New style: Light color scheme by default
  • Enhanced recovery of Unix UFS & Linux ExtFS
  • Improved data recovery kernel
  • Ability to recover all data from disk images
  • Support for Raw and Compressed disk images
  • Support for VMWARE and VirtualPC disk images
  • Latest Active@ Disk Editor 3.0 (HexViewer)
  • Latest Active@ Boot Disk Lite 7.5 & Utils

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What Our Customers Say:

"I accidentally trashed the partition table of my backup disks, which held my only copy of all my data at the time. Your software was able to recover the partition table and save all of my data with no loss at all. I can't express how thankful I am. Worth it at ten times the cost."
Derrick Coetzee Berkeley, California

"Great software! Just saved me an evening of Exchange server rebuilding. For the record, it works on iSCSI SAN volumes in a Hyper-V cluster, too! Very cool."
Gregory Eytcheson, Independence, KS

Just a quick note to tell you this software rocks! I accidently changed the MBR on an exfat formatted drive (sometimes I just hate Windows). I knew everything was still there, but Easus and Acronis demos weren't showing me what I knew to still be there. I tried two or three packages before I stumbled on yours and yours was the only one that offered a simple solution. Your Partition Recovery Software identified everything correctly after a very quick scan. Five minutes later, after purchasing your software, all was restored. Thank you.
Jeff Baggett, Wisconsin, US
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Active@ Partition Recovery is a component of Active@ Data Studio and Active@ Boot Disk (Windows-based LiveCD)